Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm a Complete Girl Now after Forced Feminization!

Yes, my wife got her way and finally changed me into a girl completely! There can be no going back for me.  She always said she preferred me as a woman. First she put me on female hormones, then she made me have breast implants. But it wasn't enough for her that I had real boobs that were now quite large!  

Her programme of Forced Feminisation which she made me undergo included major Facial Feminisation Surgery at the Facial Team Clinic in Marbella, Spain, in 2011-12, and then in the Spring of 2013 she took me to Thailand and made me undergo complete SRS (Sex Reassignmment Surgery) in a private clinic in Bangkok.

 Finally she made me change my name by Deed Poll to Kate Lesley, as it's the name under which I write transgender fantasy fiction books and magazines, and now it's my real and legal name on my passport and driving licence, which also show my gender as female. Truly. I can't believe it!  She says she knew it was what I always wanted deep down, and now it's done and I am a real girl!

Photos of Amber Goth


 Yes, it really is me! Spring 2012,
after female hormones (for 6 years)...

...and I also had 38C breast implants

Here's how I look now

It truly is me.  This is not a fantasy - it's really my life now!
Spring 2013 - after completion of Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS)
and Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

Yes, I'm a real girl forever, including between the legs, where I have a beautiful new vagina that looks like any other girl's, so my G.P. reassured me when she examined me down there recently.  I am still a bit in shock when I ease my panties down over my now wide curvy hips and see the lips of my new pussy

 Of course, I've had to get used to sitting down
to pee - no more standing up for me!

My wife likes me to go topless on the beach to show off my boobs;
we just wear our bikini bottoms when we're lying next to each other.


My wife also enjoys watching me getting dressed in the morning in the beautiful silk lingerie trimmed with lace which she bought for me. Every morning I have the thrill of dropping my own real breasts into my bra cups and fastening my bra at the back (which I still find fiddly occasionally, so I ask my wife to fasten me up); then I ease up my panties over my new feminine rounded contour between my legs - I love it!

My wife loves to see the rounded flat girliness between my legs. She says panties look so much better on me now, especially when I am wearing stockings and a lacy suspender belt. She often strokes me gently there and is full of wonder at how completely feminine it feels between my legs - but it was her doing that made me like this!

Of course she has noticed that I am now attracting a lot of attention from men when we go for a drink in a pub or when we're doing the shopping together at the local supermarket, but I have reassured her that I will always be happy to be her lesbian lover - the totally girly love partner she had always dreamed she would turn me into one day!

Any guys who are reading this, be warned!  It might begin with just a bit of occasional cross-dressing - like wearing women's clothes for a Hallow'en party - but you too could end up like me if your wife or girlfriend decides she likes your feminine side - so be careful!

This has been a true story - as those who have met me can testify.

Friday, 12 April 2013

How Stephen became Stephanie and other transgender tales on sale now from Amazon - Reviews

Reviews on Amazon:

 This book is a collection of beautifully written stories exploring transgender themes. Here you can read the fictional accounts of 'boy meets girl and boy wants to become girl and find true happiness and fulfillment. Then sheer pleasure as you are transported to the primeval forests of thirteen hundred years ago in 'The Lady of the Lake'. Then hold onto your seats, just try 'Virtual Reality Woman' which takes you to another dimension. All the stories are set in a variety of situations and the descriptions give real focus and depth. I would recommend this amazing book to anyone trans, also partners, wives or friends who would enjoy these stories. - Rose-Marie 

This was pleasant reading from start to finish. This particular story (How Stephen became Stephanie) was very interesting. About 10 other stories of varying length also.

- Dawn Vanore 

Enjoyed almost all of the 12 tales; easy read at times hard to put down. You cannot go wrong if you're interested in m/f transgender stories.  

- Edward Benda

 All the collected transgender fiction short stories of Kate Lesley (a.k.a. Amber Goth) are available from Amazon websites.  Click on the links below or search for 'How Stephen became Stephannie and other transgender tales'.

It is also available from the Amazon sites in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  Just do a search on the Amazon website for your country for
'How Stephen became Stephannie and other transgender tales' by Kate Lesley or use the links below:

Germany from
France from
Spain from
Italy from

Monday, 11 July 2011

How Stephen became Stephanie and other transgender tales out now in paperback and Kindle eBook format from Amazon

How Stephen became Stephanie and other transgender tales is now available in the UK in both paperback and Kindle eBook from  and in the U.S from Kindle eBook U.S. version and paperback U.S. version.

Also available in:

Germany from
France from
Spain from
Italy from

This is ALL of Kate Lesley's classic transgender short stories, which first appeared in serialized form in FFG's transgender fiction magazines, Tales of Crossdressing, Tales of Sissy School, Tales of the Maid and Forced Femme and Girlhood.

The magazine serialisations, some with full colour pictures, are available from (digital version) and (original printed magazines), .

The book features eleven classic stories on themes of male to female transgenderism - tales of forced feminization, sex change, sissy schools, maid training, petticoat punishment, cross-dressing and transvestism.

'I was Aunt Mary's Sissy' - An eccentric aunt who dislikes boys takes her nephew in hand, and soon has the niece she desires....

'I Turned my Husband into a Girl ' - Classic tale from the point of view of the wife, who is sure that things will work out better for both of them if John is turned into Joanne.....many surprises, and a breathtaking ending.

‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ – Experience a taste of transgender real-life – eavesdrop on the conversation of two transvestites on the streets of Manchester’s Gay Village in the 1990s.

'The Lady of the Lake' - Dark Ages fantasy inspired by the 'Iron John' story, a fairy tale first set down by the Brothers Grimm. Explores the theme of recovering lost parts of ourselves.

'How Stephen became Stephanie' - Stephen's landlady conspires with his personnel manager at work to change him into a supermarket check-out girl and part-time maid.

'New Girl on the Ward' - Nicholas has always had a 'thing' about nurses - but he never dreams that one day he will be wearing that blue uniform himself. The story of a young man's transformation into a female nurse.

'Mother's New Daughter' - A mother begins her plan to feminise her son and change him into the daughter she has always wanted.

'Virtual Reality Woman' - By the early years of the new Millennium there is an unemployed male underclass. The feminist Dr. Hannah Klonek, suggests a solution - to make boys much more like girls. A young male postgraduate is invited to wear the prototype Total Virtual Reality suit and try out the program. And so Andy becomes Laura. A surprise awaits Laura when she discovers what has been done to her real body....

Jackie and Melanie Take Charge - Kevin can’t believe his luck when two attractive, sophisticated women pick him up and take him back to their hotel room in Bangkok. But Kevin has fallen into a complicated web of intrigue woven by two formidable female academics. Their research takes on a practical turn when they inveigle Kevin into dressing as a girl, and slowly Kevin is transformed completely into an attractive blonde.

School for Sissies – Fran├žois is left fatherless and his mother Lydia is appointed to a teaching job at a girls’ preparatory school. Having already taken pleasure in dressing her son as a girl while he was a toddler, she decides he is to be enrolled at the school as a girl. Francoise settles into the life of a girl, and spends five happy years at St. Saviours. When Francoise is eleven years old, her mother begins to think about how Francoise’s education as a girl can be continued.

Lydia resolves to start her own private high school for girls, with the financial backing of wealthy friends. Lydia’s ‘special’ educational methods of corset training, sissification and petticoat punishment are introduced. Boys who resist sissification are put into tight corsets and undergo complete petticoat punishment. The new 'girls' are started on ‘vitamin’ pills which are in fact female hormones. At the age of 14 or 15, a regimen of extra female hormones and anti-androgen tablets is added. By the time they are in the Sixth Form; most Stage Four transitioning girls are practically indistinguishable from their genetically female friends. What happens at Stage Five? - Well, you will need to read the story to find out...

Deborah's Decision - Deborah has to choose between a rich and successful businessman and a rather feminine Australian boy whom she meets at work. When she has a night out at a nightclub in London, Deborah encounters a beautiful young woman who turns out to be Tim, the young Australian. Who will Deborah choose – the rich businessman or the Australian girly-boy?

Friday, 3 June 2011

Feminise your husband video

Well girls, another of my YouTube videos has now been banned by YouTube, apparently because it showed bare boobs.  How terrible!  I think what they are really about is censoring members of the transgender community's rights to express themselves freely.

I thought it was in the best possible taste (ahem!), and obviously not intended to be taken too seriously...
There must be arses on YouTube who do nothing except get other people's videos banned.  Apparently it takes only one complaint.  Why do they go onto sites like mine if they know they are likely to be offended? What intolerant, bigotted, small-minded bastards.  I am fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom for artists and creative people to do what they like.  If you agree with me, please follow me on Twitter:

ambergoth on Twitter

Anyway, see what you think of the video - please DO comment and give me some support for my work, because I am feeling a little discouraged.  Here it is:


Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Completety Feminised Husbands video was banned today by YouTube!

My 'Completely Feminised Husbands' video that I posted back in March on YouTube had nearly 30,000 views, nearly all of them favourable, but it got banned today by YouTube.

You can still view it on this site among my blogs for March:

Please check it out and write a comment.  I didn't think it was that 'strong'?  Okay, a bit naughty, and yes, there are a couple of bare boobies and one or two muff shots in panties, but I don't show a full view of the 'down-belows'  Am I a wicked girl?  Should I be punished?  Or was it just one prude who complained to YouTube about it?  Why do they go on to a site which deals with transgenderism if they are gonna be shocked?

And we got a parking ticket last week for being 8 minutes late getting back to our car - a jobsworth creep of a parking attendant who should have been emasculated at birth.

Definitely not been my week!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Feminizing drug regimens and living full-time in the female gender

Hello Girls,

Just this once I am putting aside the fantasy of TG Captions, much as I love them, and I am going to talk to you seriously about feminising medication.

New edit of this post - May 2013:

I don't know if any of you are serious about really becoming girls, but if you are - SEE A DOCTOR. Originally I posted a Feminising Medication Regimen here, but my advice now is don't go it alone and self-medicate if you can possibly get medical supervision.  In the U.K., visit your local G.P. surgery and get them to refer you to a Gender Identity Clinic.  These are run by the NHS and most big cities in the U.K. have one. 

I currently take only 1. and 2. below.  This is under medical supervision and I have regular bloodtests to monitor my hormone levels (estrogen and testosterone).
  1.  4 mg Estradiol daily - eg. Elleste Solo (prescribed by the NHS) or Estrofem (available online from InHousePharmacy) – one 2mg tablet in morning, one 2mg tablet  in evening.  Estradiol alone will produce marked feminisation of the body, including breast growth and more feminine fat distribution on hips, within a few months.
  2. 5 mg Finsasteride in the morning (in the U.K., you can get this from your G.P. on the NHS, if you have a dodgy prostate - BHP - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).
  3. DO NOT take Spironolactone - dangerous!
PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a doctor or medically trained.  You should NOT start taking feminizing hormones unless you are absolutely sure you want to do this. In my case it came from somewhere so deep down in my psyche and subconscious that it was inevitable that I would do it eventually.    

It SHOULD be done under medical supervision and the feminising drugs should preferably be prescribed by a Gender Identity Clinic.

If you have to self-medicate (NOT recommended), you can obtain the feminising hormones from an Internet supplier such as InHousePharmacy. They deliver anywhere in the world, it's the real proprietary medicine, and thay are prompt and reliable on delivery.  In the U.K., you may have to pay 20% V.A.T. plus £8 handling charge to the Post Office when you import the drugs, but it is quite hit and miss whether the Post Office charges these import duties and handling fees.  On two deliveries from InHouse Pharmacy I had to pay it, but on another one I didn't, so it seems to depend on the efficiency (or otherwise) of the local Post Office, and maybe what mood they are in.

It is wonderful and truly liberating that one can control one's own feminizing drug regimen, and it has only been possible to do this since the advent of the Internet - certainly no one could do it in the 1970s, 1980s,or 1990s - or I might have started a lot sooner.

BUT, and here is a very important point, you should still at least tell your G.P. what you are taking, in case there is any conflict with other medication. My G.P. (a woman), knew what I was doing, and was pretty good about it.  Taking female hormones has well-known risks associated with it for women or men.  If becoming the woman you have always felt yourself to be is important enough to you, you will no doubt proceed in spite of the risks - but be aware of them.

I was surprised to realise, looking back on my invoices from  Inhouse Pharmacy that I had  been taking female hormones for over 5 years before I started getting them prescribed on the NHS. So I guess it's not surprising that I have boobs and a curvy shape - my hips have broadened, and my fat distribution is pretty female - my arms and legs look feminine, and it has also feminised my face. 

I did not begin with the full pre-SRS MtoF transsexual feminising regimen when self-medicating; I started with just 2 mg of Estradiol (Estrofem or Progynova) for most of that time, building up to 4 mg per day.  That is enough to promote breast growth - you start to see the difference after 6-9 months.

I was lucky in that I started with a fairly un-masculine body to begin with - I an not that tall, I can wear a normal female size of shoes, and I have always had broad hips and rather narrow shoulders, and not much musculature - so my body lapped up the female hormones from the beginning.  I am also blonde, which means that body hair has not been a great problem, and it has now reduced to a female level anyway.l.

In 2011 I began living full-time in the female gender role, changed my name by deed poll, and had facial feminisation surgery  (FFS) performed by The Facial Team in Marbella, Spain.  See my Blog about this:

Facial Feminisation Surgery Post 1

Facial Feminisation Surgery Post 2

I have also had quite a lot of laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments to get rid of facial hair, and can now manage with no foundation at all.  Electrolysis is the most effective way to remove facial hair permanently, but is VERY painful and a long process which can take years.

Now I've transitioned, I am able to go shopping en femme with my wife, and I don't get stared at.  I guess I just look like a woman. My wife says when we are shopping and she looks round, she just sees another woman - and doesn't always realise it's me! There is nothing illegal about wearing women's clothes - half the population of the world do it anyway, and more and more folk born with XY chromosomes are also choosing to dress and live as women.  And why not? 

I have my own shoulder length blonde hair, and so don't have to wear a wig, and my boobs are big enough to give me a good cleavage if I wear something low-cut. But I dress sensibly, and wear what other women around my age wear.  It's great to be able to spend as long as I want looking at lingerie and women's clothes and shoes without feeling embarrassed!  I am working hard on developing a feminine voice; this is a real challenge! More on this is a future blog. 

I hope this has been some help to a few of you - please do let me know by commenting.

'Normal service' - ie. a naughty TG Caption or two - will be resumed in my next blog.

Hugs and kisses x x x Amber

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